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Hello and welcome to the domain for Lukoil Academic! The official website has moved somewhere else – click on the link below to go to the new website now. Alternatively, you can also check out some other websites on the Bulgarian basketball scene right here on this page, before you go.

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Lukoil beats Balkan again in the Finals, convincingly

"Лукойл Академик" отново победи "Балкан" във финала, този път убедително reports on Lukoil’s victory and title defense against Balkan.

The NBL imposes penalties on Lukoil

НБЛ наложи наказания на Лукойл Академик

Just days after their championship win, Lukoil Academic gets hit with several penalties by the NBL.

A Quick Look at Lukoil Academic, Bulgarian Basketball’s Perennial Champions

Ever since their inception in 1947, Lukoil Academic has had an enormous amount of success. With over 30 championships under their belt, Lukoil is a force to be reckoned with in Bulgarian Basketball.

The current world sports scene is seemingly favoring some sports over the others. Football (soccer), for example, has held significant influence as a spectator sport ever since it was created; some disciplines are simply better at drawing in crowds than others. When it comes to popular sports, Bulgaria is also more inclined toward the football scene; their biggest success being landing a fourth place in the FIFA World Cup in 1994. However, when it comes down to local sports, Bulgaria has quite a few aces under their sleeve, especially in Basketball.

Lukoil Academic is a Bulgarian professional basketball selection based in the capital city of Sofia. The Students (as they are affectionately called) play their local games in the Universiade Hall or at the Pravets sports complex. Since their creation in 1947, the former Academic Sofia basketball club has been gathering victories under their belt: they have been crowned Champions of Bulgaria 25 times, and have also won the Bulgaria Cup 11 times. Among their international exploits include being the victors of the International Students’ Cup in 1957, and being two-time runner-ups to the European Champions Cup in 1958 and 1959.

Their huge success comes from a mix of professional improvement, unrelenting determination, and individual contributions from Bulgaria’s biggest basketball stars, such as Liubomir Panov, Slavei Raychev, Vladimir Boyanov, and many others who have left their mark. Among their ranks, Academic Sofia have also had the best basketball minds in coaching, with figures like Veselin Temkov, Neycho Neychev, Tzvetan Zheliazkov, Petko Marinov, Bozhidar Takev, etc. The latter being responsible for leading the team during their campaigns where they finished runners-up twice for the Cup of the European Champions (losing to ACK Riga both times).

In 2000, the team signed a sponsorship contract with LUKoil Bulgaria, effectively changing the selection’s name to Lukoil Academic. This new contract came with a change of direction for the team – under the guidance of senior coach Petko Marinov, the basketball club became more oriented towards younger talent, and went on to build the country’s youngest selection at the time. Marinov’s coaching strategies have already paid off, as he has led the young group of rising stars to victory in the 2001-2002 league, as well as scoring the country cup in one of the team’s most impressive showings in the last 10 years.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and Lukoil Academic is no exception. The team recently received sanctions for unsportsmanlike conduct after their win against BC Mountain this past May on three counts. The first count involved a thrown full bottle of mineral from the home team’s bench onto the court. The other two involved technical violations and failure to report on the technical violation, respectively. While not commonplace, these things aren’t unheard of in the sport’s history, and while the second and third are lamentable, the first one can be chalked up to lack of maturity, which shouldn’t be surprising given the collective youthfulness of the team.

For the most part, though, today the name Lukoil Academic is synonymous with good sportsmanship and tremendous basketball prowess, accolades the selection has won through developing promising young talent and hard work.

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